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I went for the review of some posts and also make the download of the pdf which was available. While going through the pdf I was getting the feel as if reading the books of my child age group. The design of the event is carved with the cast of the film and on doing so I came to know that you will get the chance to change out the graphical color.

Pirates Ride casinoOn doing all these I went for the download of Skull Duggery an online casino game and on doing so I got the pleasant moment by getting the bonus and certain free spins too. You will not believe that when I got these things free I was getting the feel as if I am making my ride on the Bentley for the island which is on full speed.

This microgaming design is one of the most innovative. It allows users to win big by making efficient use of their reels and paylines.

It has the feature of five reels and nine payline which gives you the maximum chance to make the win. Now here comes the condition how to make the win, then the simple answer is the symbols which are depicted over the screen. The basic thing which a user has to do is to make the better pairing of the symbols in the active slots of the reels and then hit them concurrently.

Resident Slot Machine

From the well-known Russian developer Igrosoft comes the video slots game Resident, a WWII-themed video slots game sporting a slick ironclad look. It might look a bit drab at first glance, but the game’s simple yet well-designed interface and design, along with its rich background scenery and use of bright colours, gives it an eye-popping appearance.

Overall, it stands out from the hordes of other video slots games you no doubt passed by before clicking upon this one. The design might be rather formulaic for Igrosoft, but the depth and richness of the gameplay in all of their offerings never fails to disappoint, as the large fan base they have can attest to.

The big question is, how does Resident play when compared to its sleek appearance?

Guns at the Ready

Resident treads some familiar ground in that it draws from World War II for its theme, albeit in a highly sanitised and downplayed manner. The game doesn’t overtly cover any specific side of the conflict (including that of Russia’s), but the frequent use of gray in the palette as well as the industrial-type background give this game a distinct identity and feel of its own.

Given Russia’s significant role in World War II, we would have anticipated a more pro-Russian stance in regards to the symbolism employed. Perhaps acknowledging the fact that such blatant nationalistic displays would turn foreign audiences off to the game, Igrosoft wisely kept the imagery more generic.

The symbols feature a variety of military-related symbols like dog tags, medals, artillery cannons and gas masks. The bottom features a humorously drawn spy breaking into a safe and photographing various documents – we thought the cartoonish way in which it was drawn is quite funny. The menu is as clean and intuitive to use as ever – Igrosoft designs their games to be as idiot proof and user-friendly as possible and it shows.

Unlocking Russian Riches

Resident features a maximum bet size of 225 coins, with a total of nine paylines in play. Coin denominations cannot be adjusted, but Igrosoft ameliorates this inconvenience by allowing you to bet up to 25 coins per line. You get scatter and wild symbols (the former of which activates the bonus round), but no free spins.

On the bottom, you can access the pay tables and help info, as well as vary the number of active paylines, spin the reels, and activate the auto-spinner. There is an option to double up, but that is only activated when you get a winning spin (documented further below).

As is the case with most of Igrosoft’s games, there is no progressive jackpot. But that’s not an issue, because you get almost everything else, including a winnings multiplier! Resident gives you a maximum potential jackpot of 67,500 coins, with a minimum base jackpot of 5,000! As mentioned before, every winning spin lets you double up. But there’s a catch – if you lose, you don’t get anything. The game involved picking a facedown card and seeing if the value is higher than that of the dealer’s. This really cool form of risk-taking can be done any time you get a winning spin.

Put it All on the ‘Line’

The true bonus game is triggered when you get at least three bonus symbols on your active paylines. You are given the choice to select from a variety of containers, all but one containing a prize. If you pick wrong, the round ends. But if you get them all without openiResident Slot Machine

The Resident is a video slot game with a WWII theme developed by the well-known Russian software developer Igrosoft. It has a sleek ironclad appearance. The game might seem a little drab, but its simple yet well-designed design, rich background scenery, and use of vibrant colors give it a striking appearance.

It stands out among the other video slot games you may have played. Igrosoft’s design is formulaic, but their rich gameplay never disappoints, as can be seen by the huge fan base.

How does Resident perform when compared with its sleek look?

Guns Ready

The Resident is a familiar game in that its theme is World War II, but it does so in a highly sanitized and downplayed way. The game does not cover any side of the war (including Russia), but its use of gray and industrial backgrounds gives it a unique identity.

Given Russia’s important role in World War II, we would have expected a more pro-Russian stance regarding the symbolism used. Igrosoft may have kept the images generic because they knew that such blatant displays of nationalism would turn off foreign audiences.

The symbols include a range of military characters, including dog tags, medals, and artillery cannons. We thought it was funny how the spy is cartoonishly drawn, breaking into the safe to photograph various documents. The menu is easy to navigate and as intuitive as ever. Igrosoft strives to make its games as user-friendly and idiot-proof as possible.

Unlocking Russian Riches

The Resident allows you to place a maximum wager of 225 coins. There are nine pay lines. There are scatter and wild icons (the first of which will activate the bonus round). However, there are no free spins. Igrosoft compensates for this by allowing players to wager up to 25 coins on each line.

You can furthermore access the help information and pay tables at the bottom. Additionally, you can change the number of paylines active, spin the reels and activate the automatic spinner. The option to double your winnings is available, but only when you have a winning spin.

There is no progressive jackpot in Igrosoft games. You get everything else, even a multiplier for your winnings! Resident offers a maximum jackpot potential of 67.500 coins with a base jackpot minimum of 5,000! Every winning spin allows you to double your money. There’s one catch: if you lose, you get nothing. This game involves picking up a card face down and checking if its value exceeds the dealer’s. You can do this excellent risk-taking game whenever you have a winning spin.

It’s All On The Line

The bonus match will be triggered when you have at least three bonus icons on your pay lines. The game presents you with the chance to choose from several containers. All but one contain a prize. The round will end if you make a wrong choice. If you open the case without picking up any of them, you will be brought to a bonus round with a 50% chance of winning even more money. You can keep your prize even if you don’t win the bonus round.

For King and Country

The Resident is a game you will recognize if you have played Igrosoft games before. It has the same art style, gameplay, and bonus features. It could be a more innovative game, but Igrosoft fans will still enjoy the cute animations, huge jackpots, and solid gameplay.

A resident has something to offer everyone. The Resident is a fantastic video slot game. The game is playable for just one unit per spin. But even risk-takers and hardcore gamblers will be able to find plenty of things that keep them interested.ng the dud case, you move to a second bonus round where you are given a 50% chance to win even bigger prizes. Even if you lose the extra bonus round, you still get to walk away with what you have already won.

For King and Country

If you enjoy playing Igrosoft’s games then you know exactly what to expect when you play Resident , down to the distinctive art style, gameplay and bonus options/perks. The game isn’t really innovative as far as their normal offerings go, but it still offers the huge jackpots, solid gameplay, and cute animations that Igrosoft fans have come to love and appreciate.

Resident offers something for everybody – the game can be played for a reasonable one unit of currency per spin, but hardcore gamblers and risk-takers will find plenty to keep their interest here as well. If you are looking for a great game of video slots to play, Resident will not disappoint.